Europe's first job festival for the music industry

April 27, 12:00–17:00

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Are you looking for a new professional challenge? Or are you, as an entrepreneur, lacking the right employees? We have developed the MUSIC PEOPLE concept especially for people like you: Europe's first job festival for the music industry.

At the moment there is a shortage of skilled workers in almost all industries and the consequences of the pandemic are still being felt - so it's about time that the already beleaguered music industry found new ways to recruit!

That's why the c/o pop Convention has launched MUSIC PEOPLE. Europe's first job festival for the music industry brings employers, talents and professionals together in a creative and unconventional way.

In contrast to classic job fairs where participants drag themselves from one company stand to the next & diligently collect business cards, the focus at Music People is on direct and unconventional interaction between recruiters and talents. In the backstage area or at the food truck, companies and talents meet at eye level - this is how recruiting works in an authentic context. Personality comes before CVs!

As with a good festival line-up, MUSIC PEOPLE aims to bring together as balanced and diverse a representation of the industry sectors and qualifications of the talents as possible.

Companies can apply for participation at the following link. If the application is successful, each company will be given the opportunity to buy a maximum of 2 tickets for MUSIC PEOPLE.

The application phase for Talents has already started. Both young professionals and job seekers with music industry experience can apply. Participation in MUSIC PEOPLE is free of charge for the selected talents. Applicants simply fill out a short application form including a letter of motivation.

The application phase ends on 17.03.2023.


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MUSIC PEOPLE 2022 ©Frank Schoepgens