We want to campaign for a society and in particular for a festival culture with less discrimination and more safer spaces.

To be aware means to be attentive, develop awareness and be sensitive to problems. Awareness is a concept that deals with respectful behavior towards one another. It is about supporting each other and creating a space in which everyone can feel comfortable and no assaults or discriminatory behavior are tolerated. Border crossings are defined individually by those affected:

We are aware that awareness is an ongoing process that we want to and must constantly address. Our concept for this year therefore includes guidelines for our crew, completed training courses and briefings and a range of on-site support from an awareness team and an awareness space.

We are always happy to receive feedback, which we can incorporate into our ongoing discussion of our responsibility to act in an anti-discriminatory manner.

If you are interested in more background information on the development of the concept, you can take part in the workshop "Together on the way - awareness concepts for organizers". The Act Aware initiative will provide an insight into our collaboration here.