April 25,


Neubau Records & The Orchard present

There is also rebellion in pop, as Berlin artist LilliPop proves. In her first songs, she combines rave beats, references to contemporary rap and plenty of pop into a melange that resists being pigeonholed between Ke$ha and Domiziana, between hyper and electro pop with a dozen catchy tunes.

Growing up in a musical family and with an intrinsic motivation for self-determination, she moved to - where else? - Berlin. The first thing she had to do there was organize sessions with producers and songwriters. Working backstage while others are on stage. Your own role? Making sure that everything runs smoothly. Well - if all that had remained, this text would not exist.

Because it also involves access to the in-house studio. Lock up when everyone leaves. Or not: during a songwriting camp, friends come by at the end of one of these sessions and LilliPop tries out her own beats with them. The lyrics for a first song with Enzo Gaier, who otherwise produces for artists such as Makko, TYM and Bibiza in Vienna, are also created.

A remix that was created in one of these sessions ends up on the desk of the boss of a major record company. And suddenly a lot of people start asking themselves: Who is the voice on this remix? LilliPop. Self-doubt disappears. The confession to the employer is rewarded with unreserved support: the session manager has become the session center of attention.

LilliPop effortlessly combines countless influences into unreservedly modern pop music, touching on lyrical references from Apache to Nina Chuba to Culcha Candela with the same ease with which she dances musically between great Taylor Swift pop and Soho Bani's street credibility. Lillipop is extroverted and loud, but at the same time you always sense that there is vulnerability, that everything is never as in-your-face as it seems at first glance. Her first songs are the promising first steps of an artist from whom - that much is certain - we will all be hearing a lot more.